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dream and istikharah

Posted in Uncategorized by devanalferi on September 18, 2010

I had this strange dreams.
I faced two ways in my path. I saw the first one. It’s way up.just down.
The second one: rough and dusty with red soil on it.

then I seek more carefully on the first way: Well I see a snake on the stair.
So, I chose the second way to continue my journey.. Guess what?! More and more snakes presented there! Cause there’s no turned back, I must continue my journey by this second way. What’s next? I don’t know.. The next thing I know, I got text from my lecturer to do something on my milis..and I woke up. Sighss..

What’s this?? Gua punya 2 jalan depan gua..kalau memang ini jwbn doa dr Nya, berarti jalan manapun akan sukar utk saya lalui..tapi pertanyaannya jalan mana yang terlihat sukar, banyak ularnya pula???yang mana? Yg mana yang ada tangga, tp juga ada ular?


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  1. earfun said, on December 16, 2010 at 12:56 am

    wah…baru baca…
    jadi inget lagu “di persimpangan aku berdiri” (halah, nasheedmania)
    yah, “fainna MA”AL ‘usri yusraa… inna MA”AL ‘usri yusraa…”
    sukses mang!

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