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Film/Book? review about The End of America

Posted in Uncategorized by devanalferi on May 31, 2009

The End of America. 2008

Baru liat filmnya. This is the movie which actually tells me story from the book. I don’t even know about the book. The speaker itself is the writer of this book–Naomi Wolf.

The main idea about her book (if i’m not mistaken) is America is gonna end because of their role to create “closed society” instead of “open society”. What is closed society and open society? I don’t know either. Hehe.. But she take some example about Hitler and other dictator leaders as the leaders who create closed society in their country. People live in fear and can not interfere anything to their leaders.

And writer’s idea also like this. America now creates closed society by bringing people to the “smooth fear”, because very rare of them who realize that their live controlled by the government right now.

There are 10 characteristics about leaders (dictators) who create closed society :
1. Invoke an Internal and External Threat
This make people to live in fear about threat that could harm them, civillian. In America this is about what we call now as “terrorist”. And from this idea, American government by “Patriot Acts or Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act” from 2001 could LEGALLY do wiretapping, electronic surveillance, see people’s medical records, bank record, credit card statements, even library book records.

2. Secret Prisons Where Torture Takes Place
Yap. Secret and Torturing people..instead of open to the public about detainees of war. In one White House Memo, 7 February 2002: “Geneva (convention about prisoners) not aply to our conflict with al Qaeda, al Qaeda detainees also do not qualify as prisoners of war”..

God..How could be citizens of America become open society?

3. Develop a Paramilitary Force
One group that become representatives of Paramilitary Force in Iraq is “Blackwater organizations”. This “Blackwater” has cold-blooded killed many civillians in Iraq. And however, because Blackwater is not part of the army, US goverment still clean. If something go wrong, the accountability is not for the US Government. But to whom?

4. Surveil Ordinary Citizents
This is related with number one. Ordinary citizens can not be free again, because there are goverment who’s watching. Emails can be read. For year and half. The writer herself have experience about this. One day she went to go abroad, and there was checking with X ray of her bag, checking metal in body and other standard checking.

But then one officer came down to her, took her to one office to give more detail checking. She was gonna like: “What is this all about officer? And the officer told her: “Oh, you’re on the list”. She then recognized that there was SSSS code in her tickets.

The list? what kind of list??
Every close society have the list–mmore than 1 million American being in the watch list. Peace activies or other outspoken citizens of America being in the watch list. List of citizens who are considered could harm US Government.

5. Infiltrate Citizents Groups
Spy, undercover agent inflitrate to groups, especially the groups who outspoken one, like I said on the 4th poin.

6 through 10 just read it!
So, does America about to face their faith–to the End of America–just like others dictators do to their citizents..Ok


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  1. labukuncup said, on June 5, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    ak ud pny ni film tp blom ditonton..
    thx review ny


  2. devan said, on June 8, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    @labukuncup…tolong dikomentari ya kalau saya ada salah. Thx, gan! 😀

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